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Original mixed media piece NOT a print. You will receive the piece unframed.


This piece glows under UV light.


About a boy.


Watercolour, acrylic gouache, charcoal, rhinestones, gel pen, ashes, and jasmine flowers on handmade, deckle-edge, cotton rag paper.


9 x 12 inches




ephemeral and operates at the level of language. makes itself known through images and words


feed off human misery, bombarding its host human with realistic hallucinations, Glitches in Reality and weakening them emotionally….drive the host beyond their fullest capacity for psychological pain, similar to meth addicts experiences of withdrawal paranoia symptoms, up to and including near-constant full body hallucinatory experiences, and actual psychosis….delirium states.


sorry for what i did (possibly plural) for how it affected them etc. and how my behaviour would be different/how i learned what was wrong and how i  have changed DONT ASK FOR SHIT 


committing acts of cringe like waking up in the night in ur bed to write shitty poetry 


brain damage but sexy and about yearning

hung me up to dry i guess 

i dont think i yearn for any of it now 


a real n actual history of histrionics


u can literally be born again in every way imaginable for better or for worse, u can have several schizophrenic moments in a row that doesn’t mean shit in terms of actual spirituality but not everything feels like something else either and thats gotta be a sign even though u may realistically be drowning in it, the feelings and the sentimentality, the art of getting it


meet me on the eastern slope of Kholat Syakhl


i don’t know a single thing about desire


u know how like some schizophrenic ppl describe their hallucinations as helpful


i think thats like us we’re living in the same reality 


sometimes i find myself becoming detached and deformed


speculative and terrible, no spiritual actually

ur not the origin of my depression

"End of an Era" original mixed media piece

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