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Original mosaic with gold-painted grout on a wooden panel. Text reads "God Won't Let Me Die", surrounded by a rainbow of objects. I will NOT ship this item, it is too fragile.  


For tesserae I used glass and objects I found in St. Lawrence River at Aultsville and in Prescott; real gemstones including gel sugilite,phosphosiderite, dyed agate, charoite, amethyst, rubies; a 100 year old Czech glass button; trinkets from my childhood/that I've collected throughout the years; cheap rhinestones;a glow in the dark centipede; and garbage I've found on the street in the last few months including a bottle of massage oil I left the liquid in.


It features some interactive pieces of tessarae, such as some dangly hair elastics and a ribbon, a turquoise charm, a fake earring, a basket that opens with a plastic cat inside, and a fully functioning 3D printed catapult.


Found objects (glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, rubber, stone, fabric), grout, acrylic paint, wood.


12 X 16 inches

"God Won't Let Me Die" mosaic

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