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Original mixed media piece NOT a print. You will receive the piece unframed.


This piece glows under UV light.


Information about various Jane Does found in Ontario, Canada.


Watercolour, acrylic gouache, rhinestones, gel pen, and glitter on watercolour paper.


9 x 12 inches




Reconstruction of victim. A jogger found her remains in a ditch near Napanee. Homicide - blunt force trauma to head.


During demolition, on May 18, 1995, unidentified female remains were discovered under a cement floor located at 1515 Danforth Avenue in Toronto. The cement floor had been poured in 1949. Cause of Death: Head injuries possibly from being struck with a hammer.


Jewelry: European 9K gold 14" chain with crucifix. She had light pink polish on finger and toe nails. The decedent was floating towards the Rainbow Bridge in the Niagara River. multicoloured Fruit of the Loom panties with white waistband. Heavy build. Possibly had stretch marks on thighs.


Date of Discovery: April 22, 2004. Suimi Habteab was driving a Toyota Corolla on Highway 401 that collided with a Purolator truck under the Hwy 400 Bridge. Habteab's car interior had been doused with gasoline. The car burst into flames in the accident. Inside the passenger seat was an unidentified deceased woman who Habteab gave two different names for. Habteab was convicted of arson and indignation to human remains. Police have not been able to identify the woman.


On June 7, 1966, a woman’s body was recovered from the water near Amherstburg. death occurred a few hours to a couple of days prior to recovery. white underwear, black dress with floral pattern, matching belt


Clothing: Pink bra with "31" on the left cup size 34B; white thong-style panties with a small bow at the waist. Distinguishing Features: previous facial injury consisting of a broken nose and damage to the left eye socket. remains were found near a wooded picnic area on Highway 7 west of Rockwood. had been dragged into the woods from picnic area. Knights of Columbus placed a memorial stone where her body was found so that she would not be forgotten.


on October 27, 2006 a man found human remains in a marshy field near the Darlington Nuclear Plant. jewelry was found near the remains. a large size 9 gold ring with a garnet between two diamonds. "Burns" was stamped insidepossibly sold by Burns Jewellers, a family business on Simcoe Street in Oshawa from 1923 to 1994. the ring was made by A&A Manufacturing in Toronto. Additional Personal Items found with body:  heart, ribbon


cause of death asphyxiation. found in tent in the woods in Kenora in 2009. inhaled carbon monoxide from hibachi burner. It is unknown if her death was accidental or a suicide. was found with used copy of A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby; container of 13 Pfizer pills


victim found May 1975 in the Nation River 100 yards from Highway 417 bridge. after recovering the body it was discovered the wrists were bound with a necktie. two others to secure ankles. head wrapped in cloths n a towel knotted into a ligature around neck. cable around neck, made in Renfrew distributed in Ottawa, Montreal and Brockville. known as "Nation River Lady."

"Jane Does of Ontario" original mixed media piece

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