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Original collage NOT a print. You will receive the piece unframed.


About sexual awakenings, about sexual trauma, about a very good friend. For material in this collage i used old Playboy magazines, pages from my journals, childhood artwork from my mother’s shed, and stuff from my Box of Important Papers which included: letters from an ex, pamphlets from my high school youth fair about mental illness, sex, and drugs, liner notes from Big Fun Party Mix 2, a tract from Chick Publications a lady who followed me into a truck stop bathroom left by the sink while I was peeing, and other random ephemera I either found on the street or kept because it made me feel a certain way.


Watercolour, paper, glue on handmade, deckle-edge, cotton rag paper.


9 x 12 inches

"Nice to be Desired Without Feeling Threatened" original collage

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