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Original mixed media piece NOT a print. You will receive the piece unframed.


This piece glows under UV light.


About an actual grave robber from Aultsville. Text is a quote from Aultsville resident Addie Cramer (1893-1978) found in the book Voices from the Lost Villages by Rosemary Rutley.


Watercolour, acrylic gouache, rhinestones, gel pen, marker, glitter, vintage pastels, fabric, foil confetti, thread, washi tape, synthetic hair, soil, flowers (violets, hyacinth, lavender), a photo I took of Lavender Cemetery, and a crucifix on cotton rag paper.


9 x 12 inches




I remember about 1900 there was old Howard Vincent who used to rob graves. And if anybody would die they would have to watch their grave in case Howard would come and dig it up and sell the body. He was always around when there was a funeral. Oh, he was a crafty old fellow and they’d catch him with his horse’s feet all bound up with rags … padded, you know…so you wouldn’t hear the horse go by. His wife didn’t live with him. She left him but she brought his children up. I remember when my grandmother died my father had a whole cartload of tin thrown in on the grave so if anybody tried to steal her body he would hear the tin rattle. It used to be people buried their dead right by the house so they could keep a watch.

"Old Howard Vincent" original mixed media piece

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