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Original mosaic, on a toilet seat. You will receive the actual toilet seat, as well as the hardware and instructions needed to install the seat as a functional toilet seat. I personally do not reccommend using this as an actual toilet seat for a lot of reasons. I suggest displaying the piece on a sturdy shelf, or possibly mounting it to a wall. It is VERY HEAVY


I made this mosaic on a toilet seat because when I went to the hardware store near my apartment for a piece of wood or something to use as a background this was all they really had. It was an impulse decision. The piece includes so many different objects from different stages of my life mixed with pieces of garbage I found on the street in Toronto in Summer 2022. There’s a piece of amethyst carved into a coffin, a lighter with boobs on it that’s a memory from my time trucking, a rainbow key which was the key to my childhood home around 2004; most of the glass was found in the St. Lawrence River, so was the piece of belt and one of the buttons; the piece of melted metal is from the windows of St. James the Minor church near mallorytown which burned a few years ago (there’s also some melted stained glass in there from the same church) and some of the trinkets are from my childhood toys including a Polly Pocket figure. This was my first mosaic and it is very much not perfect.


Found objects (glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, rubber), grout, wood.


14 X 16 inches

toilet seat mosaic

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