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Original mosaic with pink UV fluorescent painted grout covered in a layer of holographic glitter. I will NOT ship this item, it is too fragile.  


things used as tesserae in this piece include: a Tamagotchi, a Talkback Dear Diary, a 1993 ballerina Polly Pocket with the original doll, a light up barbie (the switch is accessible), a 1950s Blendo martini glass i broke by accident, a selenite tower, a big chunk of grape agate, a lip gloss and a perfume bottle that can be used and sprayed, a beaver jaw, the top of a vintage Javex bottle i found at Aultsville, a framed photo of Anna Nicole Smith (u can swap the photo if u wanna), a ring given to me by an ex, a magnum xl condom left behind by another ex, and a fully functioning and reloadable cap gun!!!!! 


the white lustreware/carnival glass pieces that make up the background are from a vase i thrifted and two of my plates i broke (by accident) the plates are from 1928 and have the date they were made and the name of the person who made them hand painted on the back, one shard broke perfectly with the name and date so i included it in this piece!!!! 


Found objects (glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, rubber, stone, fabric), grout, acrylic gouache, holographic glitter, wood.


16 X 20 inches

"What It Feels Like For a Girl" mosaic

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