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Original mixed media piece NOT a print. You will receive the piece unframed.


This piece glows under UV light.


The Wheel of Excitement from, as it appeared in the early days.


Watercolour, gel pen on handmade, deckle-edge, cotton rag paper.


9 x 12 inches




The Wheel of Excitement used to cost 100 neopoints to spin. If you land on the question mark you will receive a random amount of neopoints less than 500. Currently the wheel costs 500 neopoints to spin. If you land on 2,000 you win 2,000 neopoints. You cannot spin the wheel from a side account. If you land on ‘secret item’ “something mysterious happens to your pets but you don’t know what it is”. The wheel can only be spun every two hours. If you land on the ghost with the menacing grin all of your neopets lose random HP. During the ‘Save The Wheels’ Neopets event in July 2010 the wheel was saved. If you land on 200 you win 200 neopoints. In 2010 the art for the wheel was redrawn and the prizes were revised. If you land on 10,000 you win 10,000 neopoints. Landing on the 10,000 will also get you the Wheel of Excitement avatar. If you land on ‘magic’ you are awarded a random magic item. Commonly awarded prizes for ‘magic’ include bottled faeries, healing potions and morphing potions. If you land on the dark faerie she will lower your pet’s level in a random ability. The wheel is managed by the faeries of Faerieland. If you land on ‘heal’ all of your pets will be completely healed. The Wheel of Excitement is a fan favourite because it has good prizes. If you land on 100 you win 100 neopoints. There are a total of 16 spaces that you can land on when spinning the wheel. If you land on the big eyed demon the Pant Devil will steal an item from ur inventory. You are more likely to land on some spaces than others. If you land on 500 you win 500 neopoints. Although most prizes are good, some are actually bad. If you land on the light faerie your pet will gain a level in one ability. Since 2010 the faerie spaces don’t do anything anymore. If you land on 1,000 you win 1,000 neopoints. You can mute the sound the wheel makes by clicking the speaker in the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen. If you land on the lightning bolt all your pets lose half their current HP. If you land on the skull and crossbones your pet will contract a random disease.

"Wheel of Excitement" original watercolour painting

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