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TWO original mixed media pieces NOT prints. You will receive the pieces unframed.


These pieces glow under UV light.


About the paranormal, about transitions and change and the unknown and being generally scared and stuck. Trapped but also sometimes trapped for the better, sometimes trapped in something Good, and sometimes you don’t realize its good.


Watercolour, gel pen, paper, glue on handmade, deckle-edge, cotton rag paper.


9 x 12 inches (both)





in mourning



Ghosts continue to follow the routes they used when alive, even if the house has been rebuilt since that time. This is why they seem to climb up stairs that no longer exist or are able to glide through walls. Ghosts are tethered to the area of their death and can not normally leave it. This restriction does not apply on Halloween, Devil’s Night, if they have been released by magical means, or their place of death is burned down. Generally, ghosts tend to exist in places where many horrible, disturbing events have taken place. These locations can be described as like a “battery” for evil energy, absorbing the negative feelings, emotions, and events of the heinous crimes that have occurred in their depths. As a result, these locations become a trap for individuals that die on their premises, ensnaring their spirits tot he mortal world due to unfinished business they have in life. To avoid becoming trapped in one such location, one must not only leave the inside of a cursed building before dying, but also the building’s outside perimeter, such as a garden or sidewalk, as these places are still affected by the restriction. In the case of mass murder in outdoor areas, the ghosts infest the entire outside. Targeting a particular spirit to “dislodge them from the paramagnetic grip” of a haunted place is quite difficult..

"Why Ghosts Pass Through Walls 2" two-part original watercolour painting

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