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Original mixed media piece NOT a print. You will receive the piece unframed.


This piece glows under UV light.


Inspired by the Lost Villages Historical Society logo; the vessel is Wilf Seymour (tugboat) and Alouette Spirit (barge).


Watercolour, oil pastel, gel pen on handmade, deckle-edge, cotton rag paper.


9 x 12 inches




The Wilf Seymour, a reliable, 73 tonne, bollard-pull, harbour and coastal tug built in 1961 and rebuilt in 2005. Typically observed with Alouette Spirit, an extremely versatile barge built in 1969 (and rebuilt in 2005) and equipped with bin walls and retractable roof panels for carrying cargo sensitive to weather. Carries 10,500 mt of dry bulk and general cargoes: grain, coal, metal. From a distance looks like a floating prison; the jail boat.


The Lost Villages Historical society is an incorporated nonprofit charitable organization supporting the development of educational and museum archiving programs at the Lost Villages Museum Site in Ault Park.


Inform the public and the youths about the loss.

"Wilf Seymour and Alouette Spirit" original watercolour painting

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